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Branded & Vanity Review Links

How to get more reviews by using the right type of URL

As a WordPress user, this is my
favorite type of review link.

A great alternative for those who don’t use
WordPress, who want a branded URL.

Let me create a FREE vanity URL for you
that features your business name.

Setting Up Your Website for Success

Feedback Funnels vs Direct to Review & the Power of Social Proof

Find out if your business should have
direct to reviews page.

Watch me build a Google-Compliant
feedback funnel.

Learn the advantages of embedding
reviews on your website.

Requesting Reviews the Right Way

When to Use Email, SMS and How to Stay Private

Learn the best practices when sending a
review request from your email.

Learn how to send SMS review requests
instantly from your smart phone.

How to request reviews via SMS and
hide your personal phone number

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