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Plumbing Videos

Emergency Plumber

Sewer Inspections

Homeowners need to perform regular maintenance on their sewer pipes to keep them clean of debris and preventing a nasty and expensive cleanup. This video shows why sewer backups happen and how your plumber can do to help you avoid catastrophe.

Toilet Leaks

Help homeowners uncover the reason why their water bill may be too high.  If they have a leaky or running toilet, their water bill will be inflated until they fix the problem. Give away a free dye tablet kit used for toilet leak inspections.

Winter Plumbing Tips

Sump Pump Inspections

Help homeowners avoid an expensive and messy clean-up due to a basement flood caused by a failed sump pump. Get your foot in the door on an inspection and sell upgraded services

Water Heater Inspections

Ask homeowners the simple question, “Do you know how old your hot water heater is?” If they can’t answer the question, then they probably need an inspection. Offer an water heater inspection service and know when it’s time to replace that water heater.

Home Water Comfort

What if a homeowner could save money, conserve water and enjoy instant hot water at the same time? Offer a free consultation on the benefits of adding a home water system circulation pump to their water heater.

Is Your Husband a Plumber?

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